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Modernizing Ancient Beauty Recipe

Yan Society's bird's nest is especially hand-picked to ensure optimum quality.

Our Promise in Quality

Every bird's nest that carries our name is guaranteed to be

100% pure and genuine
100% pure and genuine without any additional ingredients
Not bleached nor chemically treated in any form
No preservatives
Free from colouring, additives and preservatives
Strict quality control
Strict quality control and safe packaging

What Our Customers Say

  • customer-profile-pic

    Fatiha Ali

    Started consuming Yan Society Bird's Nest 5 months ago by consistently taking 2 bottles per day and it gave me tremendous improvement especially for my skin complexion. I also believe that this Caviar from The East is a very good energy booster. On top of that, it tastes so yummy!

  • Chia Fui Fung

    I love Yan Society's bird's nest quality. Just cook the bird's nests with some rock sugar in a slow cooker to enjoy the pure taste of the bird's nest. It is so smooth and just melts in your mouth! Delicious yet so good for our skin. My girls and I just love them.

  • customer-profile-pic

    Nabilah Mohd Kamal

    I have been consuming Yan Society bird's nest since the beginning of my 2nd trimester pregnancy as I believe in its benefits towards the baby's brain and skin development. It also helps to speed up the recovery of my caeser wound. Thanks Yan Society and Ng Lee Chin for the marvellous product!

  • customer-profile-pic

    Erin Sabrina

    I met with an accident a year ago and was seriously injured. I started consuming Yan Society bird's nest since then for a period of 7 months. It helped me with scar healing and wound recovery after enduring so many surgeries. I've continued to consume bird's nest ever since. A big thanks to Yan Society in allowing me to have a speedy recovery!

  • customer-profile-pic

    Heydren MJ Choi Ling

    I like your products so much especially the ready-to-drink bird's nest as it's convenient for me to bring everywhere. The taste is genuine and well-balanced, unlike other brands which I've tried. Yan Society's Bird's Nest is highly recommended and it makes a good gift for family and friends with its unique packaging. The box can be recycled to use as a storage box.

  • customer-profile-pic

    Angie Wong

    The true connoisseur of bird's nest! Excellent product that helps busy people like us to rejuvenate from inside out.

  • customer-profile-pic

    Suraya Abu Bakar

    My kids drink Yan Society's bird's nest every morning. It helps to improve their asthma and is a great way to start the day with good nutrition before school. Thanks to Yan Society for this amazing product.

  • customer-profile-pic

    Vincent Yeong

    Yan Society's premium bird's nest have been my secret to youthful skin and incredible energy. Its ready-to-drink bird's nest is best for busy people with hectic lifestyles.

  • customer-profile-pic

    Ida Noridah

    My husband was cured within 15 days after suffering burns from an incident during last fasting month. His new skin cell regenerated very well and Alhamdulillah he is now totally recovered and looks younger. Thanks to Yan Society's team and of course to Lee Chin who introduced us to this miracle ready-to-drink bird's nest.

  • customer-profile-pic

    Nget Ho

    Consuming the ready-to-drink bird's nest has helped improve my sensitive skin.

  • customer-profile-pic

    Roz Haniza

    No flavouring, no smell, totally pure. I just love the taste. Thank you Yan Society!

At Yan Society, we believe in giving only the best to you by adhering to strict hygienic processes.